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Oxy Plumbing is a locally family owned full-service plumber Canberra. We are a team of competent and experienced licenced plumbers you can trust with any of your plumbing needs. No plumbing problem is too big or too small for us. With our 24/7 Canberra plumbing service, you are free to contact our team anytime. We will quickly dispatch licenced plumbers to your residence or commercial property.

For several years now, Oxy Plumbing has provided experienced plumbers to our clients in Canberra and surrounding areas. We make sure to send qualified and licenced plumbers in Canberra and resolve plumbing problems. Because we want our clients to be at ease, our company does not allow apprentice plumbers to handle emergency or complex plumbing problems.

You can request a FREE quote from our team via phone, email or filling in the contact form on our website. Rest assured, there will be no hidden costs or any other undisclosed fee. We’re upfront with our pricing. Our team does not charge a call out fee and we will faithfully comply with the price quote agreed upon. You can expect a flat rate fee, which will cover our plumbing team’s job scope following an inspection.

Oxy Plumbing is committed to excellence and our customers’ satisfaction is important to us. In most cases of emergency plumbing, responding on time is crucial. Delays can turn a minor plumbing concern into a serious one. Hence, this Plumber Canberra is big on prompt and timely response. Our designated plumbers will arrive at your property on the agreed schedule or much earlier.

The Truth About Plumbing Canberra

Exposure to conditions harmful to one’s is common among plumbers in Canberra. Drainage systems and sewers, for example, house all kinds of bacteria. While safety measures are in place, plumbers are still at risk of contracting salmonella, leptospirosis, dysentery, E.coli, tetanus and hepatitis, to name a few. Gas leaks can also be dangerous particularly when inhaled in large quantities. Pipes may also contain toxic chemicals like chlorine, drain cleaners, and asbestos.

In the course of carrying out their duties and ensuring each customer receives quality plumbing services, Canberra plumbers are practically putting their lives on the line. That is why here at Oxy Plumbing, we only accept and designate highly capable and experienced plumbers. Plumbing requires skill and a licence guarantees or certifies this Canberra plumber has what it takes to effectively solve problems. Job requests for our team range from simple to complex. Plumbers need to have a good grasp of every situation.

More than just fixing gas systems, unclogging drains and cleaning pipes, plumbers also need to have the following:

  • Diagnosing the gravity of your plumbing problem
  • Formulating cost-effective solutions
  • Being familiar and complying with laws, regulations and building codes
  • Using different equipment, both simple and complex
  • Understanding piping, gas and other plumbing systems
  • Preparing and reading blueprints

What to Expect from Our Canberra Plumbing Services?

✓ Free Price Quote

✓ No Hidden Charges

✓ Same Day Service

✓ Flat Rate

✓ 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

✓ Skilled Plumbers Canberra

✓ Licenced & Insured

✓ Prompt & Timely

✓ Transparent & Professional


Canberra’s Trusted
Plumbing Service

Canberra’s Trusted Plumbing Service
Canberra Born & Bred Plumbing Company

We are not an international, interstate or franchise Canberra plumber services. We are proudly locally owned and operated. Our service area includes the Canberra city centre, suburban districts and areas within the Australian Capital Territory. Each week, we help many residents and businesses solve their plumbing, drainage and gas problems.

All aspects of Plumbing
Wide Range of Canberra Plumbing Services

We do it all! From repairs to system installation to detection, our team of expert plumbers in Canberra are highly skilled in all areas of plumbing, drainage and gas. There is nothing we cannot handle. We offer prompt and reliable plumbers at affordable with the scope of our job.

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Best Plumbers in Canberra

Oxy Plumbing is focused on providing quality, affordable and reliable plmbers. In keeping with our commitment to excellence and customer service, we want to ensure each and every customer in Canberra receives a quality plumbing service with us. We even go the extra mile by offering post-repair or installation advice. We are not happy unless you are!


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