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Burst Pipe Detection & Repairs

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Burst pipe

From normal wear and tear to improper use, pipes or your plumbing system in general can burst anytime for a variety of reasons. Two common causes of pipe bursts include temperature changes and pressure within the pipes.

When temperatures suddenly drop, water expands and triggers pressure, causing it to burst out of the pipe and leak until fixed.

Fixing bursts can be a handful, but you don’t have to handle it yourself.

Leave the repairs, if any, and pipe replacement process to us! We are fully equipped to put your broken pipe back to its former glory!

High Quality Plumbing Services

We continue to upgrade our plumbing services to better serve our customers, thereby increasing their positive experience of using our services. The Oxy Plumbing team has maintained its reputation through a modern management approach.

Experienced Plumbers

Oxy Plumbing has built a team of licenced and experienced plumbers servicing the Canberra area. Skilled in various plumbing techniques, we take pride in our plumbers and their ability to satisfactorily complete every job.

High Quality Products

For pipe replacements or installations, we only use top calibre pipes, sourced out from proven and certified suppliers. We conduct regular inspection to ensure remaining pipes in our stock are still in good quality.

Affordable Prices

Plumbing services in Canberra can be pricey at times, depending on the workload and the services requested. But here at Oxy Plumbing, we are proud to offer budget-friendly plumbing solutions and get the job done at the same time.

Canberra Plumbers
Local Plumbing Services

Most of our staff are natives of Canberra, which means they are aware of and adhere to the plumbing rules and standards set by law.

As per law, no plumber, irrigation specialist or gas fitter should render services without first obtaining a licence from an accredited training facility. And in our team is a slew of highly skilled and licenced plumbers, gas fitters and so on.

What’s more, our plumbing services are available 24/7. Feel free to contact us for any plumbing emergency!

Blocked Drains
Let us fix your blocked drain, hassle free.
Get in touch with our team of professional plumbers today. We’ll sort out your blocked drain issues promptly and professionally.