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Gas Plumbing Canberra

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Gas plumbing

Looking for Gas Plumbers in Canberra?

Oxy Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Canberra, Queanbeyan and other areas within the Australian Capital Territory. Whatever your gas plumbing needs are, we do our best to meet them.

Every Canberra plumber on our team has an extensive plumbing experience and is fully qualified to install, change and repair gas systems in both commercial and residential properties. We issue compliance certificates to ensure the safety of Canberra locals, who rely on gas appliances and systems on a regular basis.

Contact Oxy Plumbing ASAP should you need the following:

Installation of Gas System/Appliance

With their skills and track record, you can trust our licensed Canberra gas plumbers to install a gas system, stove or heater in your property. We will fit your home or office space with the right gas system while complying with safety standards.

Emergency Gas Repair

For emergency gas repair, contact us immediately. Our gas plumbers services in Canberra are available 24/7. Pay attention to your gas line at all times. If you suspect a possible leak, touching base with our team is your best course of action. We quickly respond to requests and conduct emergency gas repairs without delay.

Detecting Gas Leaks

A leak pressure test is conducted by a licenced Canberra gas plumber to detect leaks and ensure the safety of your home. Call Oxy Plumbing if you suspect a possible leak or would like to make sure your home is free from any gas leak. Upon detection, our experts will immediately implement appropriate repair measures so you can rest easy.

Pro Tip

Undetected gas leaks can be dangerous. Not all leaks are easy to detect, however. Gas normally smells like sulphur or spoiled eggs. A hissing sound is also commonplace. But small leaks do not give off as much smell or sound.

It's best to have your home inspected regularly by a Canberra gas plumber to prevent minor gas leaks from taking a turn for the worse. We strongly recommend storing flammable materials away from gas systems or appliances for safety purposes. Avoid tampering with valves and fittings. Our experts will take care of your concerns.

Your reliable gas plumbers in Canberra.

We’ll sort out your gas needs, promptly and professionally.

We value safety, efficiency and quality when it comes to installing, replacing or repairing gas systems in your home.

Your peace of mind is our priority. That is why we only hire and dispatch licenced and time-tested gas plumbers, who can also assess the quality of your existing gas system. Once, we have ascertained that it complies with safety standards under the law, we will provide you with a certificate of compliance.

Call us for any of your gas fitting needs!

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