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Leaking Taps, Toilets & More

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Leaking Toilet

Toilets, taps and water pipes clogging up, leaking or malfunctioning is every property owner’s worst nightmare. In many cases, repairs can take time and will always require expert help.

But luckily, there are a few expert Canberra plumbers who are ready to fix your broken taps or leaking toilet pipes anytime – even at a moment’s notice!

Not everyone, including those with a knack for repairing stuff, are capable of fixing leaks and bursting pipes. It’s a job only experts in the field of plumbing can do. And it’s something our team at Oxy Plumbing can offer.

Contact us if you have problems with your taps, toilets or pipes in general.

High Quality Plumbing Services

With years of service in the plumbing industry, Oxy Plumbing has a track record in providing quality plumbing services to clients from all walks of life. We assess existing plumbing systems and issue certificates of compliance to clients that followed standards.

Experienced Plumbers

In addition to being licenced professionals, we only house skilled plumbers with top-notch troubleshooting and repair skills. Our team members are adept at installing, fixing or enhancing different kinds of plumbing systems.

High Quality Products

We don’t just use spare parts and components from generic sources. We source our materials from trusted and reputable suppliers in Canberra.

Affordable Prices

You don’t have to spend much for installations and repairs. Our service rates are reasonable and suitable to every budget.

24/7 Plumbers
At Your Service!

Toilet leaks or bursts are an emergency you can’t afford to ignore. The problem only grows if you keep putting off finding solutions.

But that is why we’re here.

Consider us your friendly neighbourhood plumbing superheroes, who will come to your rescue every time you need help cleaning, fixing or changing your toilet, kitchen or other property pipes!

Blocked Drains
Let us fix your blocked drain, hassle free.
Get in touch with our team of professional plumbers today. We’ll sort out your blocked drain issues promptly and professionally.