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Maintenance Plumbing Canberra

We Fix, maintain, Install & Supply Taps, Toilets, Vanities and anything in between.
Maintenance plumbing

Did you know that a plumbing system constitutes about 15 per cent of your property’s value? This means you really need to invest in a quality and easy to maintain plumbing system.

Taps, toilets, drains and other pipes that form part of your plumbing system all have their breaking point. Natural wear and tear, force majeure, improper use or any other factor could disrupt your system’s flow, creating problems that require expert assistance.

Ideally, property owners should keep a maintenance checklist to see which aspects of their property require plumbing maintenance.

Since some property owners don’t have the luxury of time to conduct plumbing maintenance on their own, our staff at Oxy Plumbing will gladly conduct regular maintenance checks while you focus on your work and personal matters.

Let us know how soon you want us to inspect your plumbing system so we can get started right away!

High Quality Plumbing Services

We have been servicing the Canberra area for several years now, meeting and exceeding client expectations with our comprehensive plumbing services. We are thorough in our inspections and no request is left unresolved.

Experienced Plumbers

Members of our plumbing team are highly skilled licenced plumbers, capable of detecting and solving a wide array of issues. They also have an extensive experience handling plumbing maintenance in commercial, strata and residential spaces.

High Quality Products

We supply our talented and dedicated staff with high quality plumbing equipment so that installation, replacement and repair requests are resolved with the utmost quality and accuracy.

Affordable Prices

The plumbing maintenance services we offer at Oxy Plumbing are budget-friendly and may be customised according to your requirements.

Maintenance Plumbers Canberra
Let Our Team Handle Your Plumbing Needs!

Working with the right plumbing company makes a difference! Maintenance plumbing can cost you a fortune if you hire the wrong team.

Before sealing the deal with a plumbing firm, do your research and see their track record. Authentic companies are transparent and will set your expectations straight from the get-go. After a careful  assessment, they will provide you with detailed information about the plumbing problems you’re facing.

For an obligation-free consultation with expert plumbers, talk to us over the phone!

Blocked Drains
Let us fix your blocked drain, hassle free.
Get in touch with our team of professional plumbers today. We’ll sort out your blocked drain issues promptly and professionally.