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Tanks, Pumps & Irrigation

Need a Pump, tank or irrigation system? We’ve got you covered. Installation, Maintenance & Repairs.

Rainwater tanks and septic tanks are difficult to transport and install on your own. But with our help, you can save time, money and energy!

Oxy Plumbing will take charge of installing rainwater tanks of your choice in a dedicated area in your home. Along with the tanks, our experienced plumbers can also install water pumps that help you transport water from one tank to another.

Call us for an obligation-free consultation or to enquire about our tank and pump installation services!

Our company also accepts septic tank installation requests.

Septic Tanks, Rain Water Tanks & Pumps

Different tanks require different installation methods. Where a tank is placed is also important as the wrong placement can result in unexpected problems down the line. Our plumbing team is versatile enough to handle all kinds of tank and pump installations.

Experienced Plumbers

Members of our in-house plumbing team have years of experience fixing and installing pipes for different homes and offices in Canberra. They are also instrumental to the growth of our company over the years.

Quality Solutions

If you are not sure where to place your septic tank or rainwater tank, talk to us! We can evaluate your property’s structure and find the best place for installing your tank or pump.

Solutions to Suit any Budget

We offer affordable tank and pump installation solutions to every household in Canberra. Get your money’s worth with our competitively priced tank and pump installation services!

Irrigation Systems Canberra
We Can Design, Supply & Install Eco-Friendly Irrigation Systems.

Our irrigation services follow environment-friendly methods and practices while retaining quality and the utmost professionalism.

Experienced members of our team are knowledgeable in both irrigation design and installation. You can touch base with us to discuss your plans and ideas, including the type of system you have in mind, so we can get started ASAP.



Blocked Drains
Let us fix your blocked drain, hassle free.
Get in touch with our team of professional plumbers today. We’ll sort out your blocked drain issues promptly and professionally.